Microbial gangs are organised killers (Cosmos magazine)

Who can forget Superman? Christopher Reeve with his dazzling white teeth, blue eyes and biceps of steel embodied the superhero – in films and in life. When he fell from his horse in 1995 while training for an equestrian event, Reeve was left quadriplegic but undefeated.

He continued his film career and his activism, campaigning for the spinally injured and the right to carry out human embryonic stem cell research.

Ultimately, this super man was beaten by a microbe. His pressure sores – the bane of the wheelchair-bound – had once again become infected. An allergic response to an antibiotic sent him into anaphylactic shock and heart failure. Reeve died on October 10, 2004. It was probably not a superbug that brought down Superman. More likely it was a microbial monster of a different kind.

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