AstraZeneca Australia

Branwen has helped AstraZeneca Australia to improve internal communications through the use of digital technology and has served as the corporate communications representative on several internal business projects.

In addition to developing traditional printed communications, Branwen scripted, produced, and directed several films and podcasts that increased engagement between head office staff and medical sales representatives who are spread across the country (field force).

In December 2012, Branwen was given the job of leading a cross-functional project team with the goal of developing an iPad and iPhone internal communication application that could become a ‘one stop news shop for brand, business and industry news’ for the field force.

In delivering the project, she had to navigate technical and security obstacles, comprehend and trouble shoot all app functionality, and develop and execute a comprehensive strategy for distribution and support of the app for both content providers and its target audience.

In 2014, Branwen was responsible for developing plenary session content for the managing director and senior management team to present at a national sales conference.

In 2015, Branwen was the AZ Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) social intranet project implementation lead and worked closely with a global project team to deliver an end user-focussed intranet structured around task-based information rather than departmental responsibilities. ANZ was the first country to fully migrate its news and non news to the mobile compatible portal.

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