A question of good taste

Sydney Morning Herald: Snail porridge sounds like something Roald Dahl’s witches or J. K. Rowling’s magical creatures would eat – and not something that is appetising. Yet, snail porridge is one of the many unusual dishes on the menu at the “best restaurant in the world”: The Fat Duck in Bray, England.

Chef Heston Blumenthal prides himself on creativity and combining flavours and textures to create unusual dishes such as licorice-coated salmon, bacon-and-egg ice-cream and, of course, snail porridge. Many know him as “the chemist chef”.

His willingness to combine ingredients that would be unthinkable has pushed self-taught Blumenthal’s individual and restaurant status into a class of its own.

But what causes us to judge a food before tasting it, sometimes before seeing it?


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