Weapons in ancient China

The Science Show, ABC Radio National, 22 November, 2003


On a visit to China, Branwen Morgan visited the terracotta warriors and was intrigued to find that some of the ancient weapons appeared to be chrome-plated.


In 1974, while drilling for water a peasant farmer in the Chinese province of Shaanxi stumbled across the 8th wonder of the world – Qin Shuang’s mausoleum. Seven thousand life- sized terracotta warriors and over 40,000 bronze weapons have so far been unearthed in an ongoing excavation at the base of Lishan mountain. Qin Shihuang, born Ying Zheng, was superstitious and ordered their construction to protect him in the afterlife. The weapons unearthed include crossbows, hooks, lances, arrowheads, spears and swords. Most of the weapons are bronze, although a few are made of iron.

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